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Can this really work?
Answer: At first, we were very skeptical about this, but during the years, we have heard a lot positive response from so many customers that we dare to say: Yes it does.

How does it work?
Answer: Amber becomes negative electrostatic charged when rubbed against certain materials, e.g. the dog’s fur. This small amount of tension seems to discourage the ticks from bite. Therefore, it is important to not strap on the necklace too tight around the dog’s neck. A too tight strapped necklace won’t create any friction, which won’t result in any tension.
How did you come up with this idea?

Answer: We have not invented this idea. This kind of necklaces has earlier been sold in other markets. In our case, it all started when a kennel owner asked us if we could possible make one for her. She found us online since we also make amber jewelry.
Do I need to change necklace after a while?
Answer: No, the effect lasts as long as the necklace is intact.
Why are there  different models?
Answer: We buy Amber in mixed sizes, and pay per gram. Therefore we sort the amber in  different sizes which result in two different designs.
Which model works best?

Answer: The function is similar in our models. Chose the design you think fits your dog best.
Does that work to all races?
Answer: Approximately 1 of 100 customers isn’t experience the wished effect, and then resends the necklace to receive a refund. We are always offering a 100% satisfied or money back guarantee.
Can I combine the necklace with other tick protection substances?
Answer: The necklace doesn’t lose its effect when used in combination with other substances. We thou recommend you to check if the other substance is compatible with the necklace.
How do I know which length to order?
Answer: Please read our guide to order, there is a description of how to measure your dogs neck and come up with the correct length.  
Is the necklace losing its effect if the dog swim or gets wet?
Answer: Amber will not get charged by a wet dog, but it will directly when the dog’s fur gets dry again. The collar is not being damaged by water.  
Will it work even for cats?
Answer: Yes, it will.
Will it work even for humans?
Answer: Unfortunately not.